Glued Laminated Wood

Production, manufacturing of glued laminated wood in Douglas, larch and Scots pine Natural section of high strength and quality structural timber

glued laminated wood or laminated wood: innovative materials Robust and homogeneous, these are pieces made from several strips of wood and several species: Douglas, larch and Scots pine. Glued laminated timber comes from softwood species (spruce, pine, fir, larch, Douglas fir) from sustainably managed French forests in the Central Massif. Eco-friendly. In the construction sector, glued laminated timber and finger-jointed solid timber are construction timbers which may be subject to significant technical requirements. They are most often used to create structural elements such as frames, beams or even lintels.

Glued Laminated Wood

Glued laminated wood a product from sawing

The manufacturing process for glued laminated wood consists, once the pieces of wood have been brought to a humidity level of 12%, in purging the singularities not permitted for the targeted mechanical resistance class, in making the multiple joints at the end of the slats , to glue the joints and join the pieces together by pressing in order to reconstitute a very long piece which will be ideal for the creation of quality construction and framing wood then, after planing the slats to obtain the desired height of the piece, glue and press the face(s) of the slats to be laminated in order to obtain the height of the piece desired.<

Glued laminated wood
Glued laminated wood

Glued laminated wood composed of at least 2 strips of the same thickness

Glued laminated wood is composed of at least 2 strips of the same thickness, between 6 and 45 mm for use classes 1 and 2 and between 6 and 35 mm for use classes 3 and 4.
Glued laminated wood can be made with slats of the same mechanical class, it will be “homogeneous glued laminated” or slats of different mechanical classes, it will be “variegated glued laminated”.
The mechanical resistance classes of homogeneous glued laminated timber are GL 24 (C 24), GL 28 (C 30) and GL 32 (C 40).
The mechanical resistance classes of variegated glued laminated timber are GL 24 (C 24 for exterior slats and C 16 for interior slats), GL 28 (C 30 for exterior slats and C 24 for interior slats) and GL 32 (C 40 for exterior slats and C 30 for interior slats).
Glued laminated wood must comply with the harmonized standard NF EN 14080 relating to “Wooden structures – Glued laminated wood and reconstituted solid wood”.

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